Newell Presbyterian Church
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Charlotte, NC 28213
Reaching Out
"Christ came not to be served, but to serve" (Matthew 20:28)

One of the most important part of a Christian’s life is serving others. At Newell Presbyterian Church we try to foster an atmosphere where we don't just go to church to feel good about ourselves, we go to respond to the love of God, equip ourselves to care for God's world, and actually reach out to those in need.

For example, when the Tsunami hit southeast Asia, almost everybody in our congregation stayed after worship and put together hundreds of health kits to be sent overseas. That is what Newell Presbyterian Church is about - we do not worship God by just sitting in the pews, our worship is not complete without actively caring for others. For more information about our missions activities, contact our current missions team coordinator, Lindsay Munn

Some of our Many Ministries

Annual Youth Mission Trip - Every summer, the youth travel long distances to help people in need by repairing and fixing up their homes or helping out at a community center.

Samaritan House - provides a place to stay for homeless people who just got released from surgery at a hospital but have no place to recover. One of our own members started this amazing ministry!

Urban Ministries - an inter-faith organization that serves the poor, needy and homeless with basic needs through programs such as the Soup Kitchen and Room in the Inn.

United Christian Fellowship - College ministry to students at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte

Barium Springs Home for Children - provides care services and education for young people who come from an abusive, neglectful, or unstable family background.

Boy Scout Troop 18 - Follow this link to the Boy Scout Troop that is sponsored by Newell Presbyterian Church. They meet in the old chapel every Monday at 7:00 pm.

Loaves and Fishes - provides groceries and support to people in crisis.

The Hunger Site - every time you click on their site, you give the equivalent of 1 cup of food to the hungry around the world.

We also support the national body of the Presbyterian Church in their world-wide mission activities. Click here for more details