Newell Presbyterian Church
1500 Rocky River Road West
Charlotte, NC 28213
CHRISTIAN EDUCATION – Coordinates nursery, children, youth, and adult Sunday Schools, plus other special educational events. Responsible for overseeing the church library, children’s chapel, confirmation, Newell University (Vacation Bible School), and the educational parts of Wednesday Night Newell Time (children’s activities, youth fellowship, and adult Bible Study).

CHURCH LIFE CONNECTIONS – This team’s goal is to connect people within the life of the church. It is divided into three sub-ministry groups: Congregational Care, Evangelism, and Fellowship. Congregational Care is concerned about the overall life of people in our church family. They especially minister and reach out to people during births, deaths, and illnesses. They coordinate activities with Forget-me-nots, Presbyterian Women, and Men of the Church. Also, responsible for overseeing the church archives, phone directory and newsletter. Fellowship brings fun and joy to the entire congregation. They are also responsible for encouraging fellowship opportunities such as Wednesday Night Newell Time meals, retreats, plays, picnics, and church sports teams. Plans social events throughout the year and hosts an annual congregational retreat. Organizes and promotes the church BBQ and the live Nativity Scene. Maintains kitchen supplies. Evangelism is the first resource to help visitors and members find a place to plug in. They welcome new members and help people to be incorporated into the life and ministry of the church. They continuously brainstorm ways to promote growth in the church. Maintains and promotes a gifts and talents inventory of people in the congregation. Serves as an advisor and resource group to all the Disciple Teams. Primarily responsible for evangelism. In charge of website, publicity, advertising, long range planning, and ensuring that Newell is a welcoming congregation. Creates positive energy in the church.

MISSIONS – Encourages people to exhale the love of God through service. Promotes and facilitates ministry opportunities with organizations such as: Urban Ministries, Room in the Inn, Five Cents a meal, UCF college ministry at UNCC, Boyscouts, Girlscouts, Crop walk, Newell Elementary Lunch Buddies, Newell Neighborhood Associations, and other acts of community and global services. They organize and promote the four special offerings of the Presbyterian Church with One Great Hour of Sharing, Pentecost, Peace, and the Christmas Joy offering. Explores new areas of service and encourages the congregation to serve outside its bounds.

PROPERTY – Responsible for maintaining the buildings, the grounds, and the cemetery. Inspects the church property monthly to see what needs to be done to improve and beautify the church. Oversees the church cleaning crew. Coordinates building use with outside groups. Suggest ideas to the Scouts (Boys and Girls) for possible service projects on church property. Hosts at least two all church work days a year, and as needed. Maintains the gardens so that the church is welcoming to outsiders. Investigates any long range architectural planning.

WORSHIP – Coordinates all worship events, like Christmas Eve, Lent, baptisms, communion, weddings and funerals. Prepares sanctuary for worship every Sunday. Trains and forms a list of ushers, acolytes, and lay worship leaders. Welcomes pulpit supply pastor and/or guest organist. Maintains flowers in the sanctuary. Runs and maintains the sound system. Helps the congregation become more involved in the worship service and tries to insure that newcomers won’t feel like outsiders by the format of the service. Seeks to make worship more inspiring, meaningful and corporate.